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Saturday, August 1, 2015

#NSale - What I Actually Kept + Reviews

I know I've posted the heck out of the #NSale (hereherehere, and here), but I wanted to give you guys some insight on what I actually kept. Like most people I'm sure, I ordered a ton of things online but once they arrived, not everything panned out like I had hoped. At least my wallet was happy! Below I'm sharing what I actually kept and what I think about the quality, fit, and some styling ideas. I'm also linking anywhere I personally styled the items below. I have a lot yet to style, but I'm waiting for the temps to cool down a bit for some of the items. Overall, I think the #NSale was fantastic this year and I scored a bunch of stuff that ranged from clothes to beauty to home decor. Prices go up on Monday so make sure you use this weekend to grab everything you want before the sale ends! Feel free to comment or email me if you have any more questions. I hope you are just as happy with this years #NSale as I am!

Vest - seen here & here
Gray Dress - seen here
Swing dress - seen here & here
Chloe bag - seen herehereherehere
Levi's Shorts - seen here
Kendra Necklace - seen here & here


  1. I love this! So great seeing what you actually kept! Everything is so cute!


    1. Thanks! I like actually reading reviews rather than seeing just photos of the product over and over. Xx


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